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3 Ways to Scale Your Business

Are these tasks on your to-do list for 2017?

  • Start a YouTube channel

  • Create multiple e-courses

  • Get active on social media

  • Create a free opt-in email sequence

Chances are, if you’re a budding online entrepreneur, you’ve got your eyes set on increasing visibility this year. Your customers come to you from the web, so in order to scale your business you need to ramp up your marketing… right?

Just seeing this to-do list overwhelms me.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but there’s a lot of noise out there these days that tell us to do #allthethings in order to market our business.

With a new 5 month babe at home, and no day-care for now, it got me thinking. Can I scale my business while also scaling back?!

What if I don’t have the time to put together a polished YouTube video each week (um… getting dressed + hair done is already a challenge)? Or time to create quality content for an e-course?

Here are a few ways to grow your business, while decreasing the time investment. (that’s the dream… right?!)

3 Ways to Scale Your Business | Spruce Rd. | Chances are, if you’re a budding online entrepreneur, you’ve got your eyes set on increasing visibility this year. In this post, I’m sharing how I plan to grow my business, while also scaling back my time…

Reach out for support

Numero uno — rip off the band-aid and finally invest in your business. This can take the form of hiring a virtual assistant, copywriter, graphic designer (nudge nudge) or social media expert. Last year I hired a copywriter to help with the content for the Share-worthy Design course marketing. It was a hefty price tag for me, but I knew that I honestly wouldn’t have been able to relaunch the course without support. I made the investment back once the course wrapped up, and spent wayyyy less time fussing over words than I typically do. All that to say, I was able to scale my e-course by scaling down what I contributed. It works.


You can grow your business without working 12 hour days, as long as you’ve got streamlined processes in place. Utilize automation and polished processes as much as you can. I use 17hats to send quotes based on existing templates, Calendly to schedule meetings (less back and forth with scheduling), and Basecamp templates for each of my projects. A few of these platforms require monthly fees, but $20 a month to save me several hours of work each week is worth it to me.


With the limited time I have for my business these days, I’ve been forced to prioritize my tasks. What are the tasks that will help my business grow the most? Focus on those first, and either drop the other tasks that fill up our to-do list, or hand them off to someone you trust. This may mean you don’t pursue a new avenue for social media (like YouTube), and instead grow aspects of your business that have proven their worth. Through prioritizing your tasks, you will avoid distraction and the “shiny object syndrome” of starting something new and trendy.

How are you planning to scale your business this year?

Whatever you’ve got in the works for your business this year, just know I’m on the other side cheering you on! Are you in a season of growth? Taking a step back? Or are you hoping to grow, while minimizing your time investment?

I’m learning that “YES,” I can scale my business, while also reducing the hours worked. It’s all about trusting people to support you, automating menial tasks and prioritizing where I spend my time.


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