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An update on all things Spruce Rd.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update on all things Spruce Rd. In the midst of the weekly lunch + learns, we’ve been busy behind the scenes prepping for other exciting changes this year! Here’s a little bit of what we’ve been up to:

Share-worthy Design Course revamp!

Create Share-worthy Design Course | Spruce Rd. | a step-by-step graphic design course teaching the ins + outs of branding for infopreneurs, ecourses, bloggers or freelancers. This e-course allows you to feel confident in your branding + course launc…

Along with the latest course bundle with my pal Kelsey, behind the InDesign Field Guide course, I made a few upgrades to the course including an entire new comprehensive module on brand identity design. But wait, there’s more! This has been in the works for a while now, but I’m finally ready to reveal what the upcoming Share-worthy Design course will entail.

I’m shaking things up, and getting even more comprehensive + specific for the course. This step-by-step design course will now have two tracks — SWD for Infopreneurs (coming April 2016!), and SWD for Freelancers (summer 2016). I’ve recognized that this course needed to go more in depth on design application, and so that is exactly what I plan to do. I’ll share more details later, but for now here is what you can expect for each track:

  • Share-worthy Design for Infopreneurs: A step-by-step course teaching you how to design a memorable personal brand (logo, illustrations, patterns, etc), as well as how to transition your branding to e-courses + products. We’ll guide you through whether you should create a separate brand for your offerings, or house them under the same roof. You’ll learn how to promote your offerings + design your sales page so you can reach your ideal audience.
  • Share-worthy Design for Freelancers: A step-by-step course teaching you the ins + outs of the client branding process. You’ll get a look behind the scenes of the Spruce Rd. branding process, as well as how to craft client branding presentations that receive minimal revisions. We’ll walk you through establishing clear freelancing processes, pricing your services and working with clients so you are confident in your freelance business + creating a foundation for growth.

More details to come soon!

Back to blogging

This year I’ve decided to shake up the blog, and switch to “seasons” of blogging and lunch + learn workshops. I hope that you guys have enjoyed these free workshops from amazing hosts as much as I have! I know I walked away from each workshop learning something new, and inspired by the passion of these fellow creatives.

I don’t plan to hang up the lunch + learn hat quite yet, but instead am allowing myself breaks from the workshops to pursue my love of writing content for the blog. So you can count on receiving some stellar content to your inbox weekly, in lieu of lunch + learn recaps.


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