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Behind the Blogger

Behind the Blogger | Spruce Rd. #freelance #blogging

Behind the Blogger | Spruce Rd. #freelance #blogging

Happy Friday, y’all! My birthday was earlier this week (yay!), so I thought I would get a bit more personal on the blog by sharing a few things about me, to help give you some insight to who this person is behind Spruce Rd.

01. I have an awesome husband, Elliot, who I started dating in high school (cue gushy music). He is seriously the funniest person I know, with such a caring heart! He is in grad school now, studying to become an Occupational Therapist. Prior to that he was a science & special ed teacher for a couple years.

02. My favorite movie, hands down, is Fantastic Mr. Fox! Really, I love every Wes Anderson movie, but this one has the perfect mix of dry humor, great music and it is stop motion animation. If you are a designer, I highly recommend watching Wes Anderson movies… you will really enjoy his attention to design!

03. Currently, I live in San Antonio, Texas. Though I like San Antonio, we will most likely move when Elliot graduates this December. I have moved apartments/cities every year for the past 9 years… woah!

04. I really value serving others… though I don’t do it as often as I would like. I most enjoy helping with the local homeless ministry, as well as with a nearby elementary school in the kindergarten class!

05. If I weren’t a designer, I would probably be working with kids in some way. Since my husband has introduced me to Occupational Therapy, I think this is the route I would go! There are endless positive attributes to OT, and I think they really make a difference.

06. I have this green smoothie for breakfast every morning. Since doing this, I have noticed a difference in my energy + metabolism! I usually make several smoothies at a time, and freeze them in mason jars to have throughout the week.

07. I studied architecture for two years in undergrad. The entire two years I knew I wanted to do something else, which is the short way of saying that I transferred to a different university so I could study graphic design. I earned a B.F.A. in graphic design + photography, which is a much better fit for me :). I have never looked back, and am SO glad I chose graphic design!

08. I’ve been to a few seemingly embarrassing concerts… but I am not ashamed! This includes N*SYNC + Ashlee Simpson (yes, she did forget her lyrics at my show!).

09. Roasted cauliflower has been my fav. snack for the past couple years. So delicious! I didn’t have cauliflower until I was an adult, and now I am making up for lost time!

10. A few of my favorite TV shows are: So You Think You Can Dance, The Mindy Project, Brooklyn Nine Nine & Parks and Recreation.

Hope you guys have a great weekend!

xo – Jamie


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  1. shaina longstreet

    I still have a little crush on Ashlee Simpson. Is that embarrassing for me to admit?! 😉 Hehe. This is a great post idea. Going to have to save it for the future!

    1. Jamie

      No shame here for Ashlee Simpson love! If only she still had her TV show on MTV :).

  2. Michelle @ Vitamin Sunshine

    I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying my smoothie recipe 🙂 Green smoothies make a huge difference in my energy levels too. I’ve moved a lot in the past 10 years also — a great way to see the world. Hopefully soon you’ll find home, because starting to build a community around you is pretty wonderful as well. I’ve currently been in Kuala Lumpur for almost 5 years– I definitely have itchy feet, but I also have a lot of support and an amazing job that I would have had if I had continued to hop around.

    1. Jamie

      Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yes, I LOVE that smoothie recipe and found it through Pinterest! We have actually lived in the same area of Texas for a while, but just new apartments every year, so we love our community here! We are still antsy to move around though! Kuala Lumpur sounds like an adventure!

  3. Julie Wylie

    So jealous that you saw N*SYNC! That green smoothie sounds pretty good + I could totally use something like that in the morning to make me feel good throughout the day. Definitely going to try it. Also, yay for Parks & Rec. Love that show! The current season is totally killin’ it. So sad it’s ending, but they are going out with a bang.

    1. Jamie

      N*SYNC was my first concert in 5th grade! I was head over heals for JC :). Let me know how you like the green smoothie! And yes – Parks and Rec is awesome. Love Ron!

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