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How many clients should you work with at a time?

As your design studio starts building traction and your client list increases, you might be asking yourself: “How many clients should I take on at a time?” I’m answering how many clients we enjoy working with at a time, and why.

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Easy CSS tricks in Squarespace

In this tutorial, Meg Summerfield shows us how to overcome obstacles through modifying the CSS in your Squarespace site.

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Creating a subscription library

A subscription library is a form of passive income, where customers pay a monthly fee to receive new downloads or resources each month. Lauren set up her subscription library about 1.5 years ago, and today it continues to be one of the most consistent sources of passive income for Elle & Co.

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How to Launch a Physical Product

Jenna shared so many great tips, that I’m sure you will walk away inspired + encouraged to make your side project dreams happen. Included is a worksheet providing a loose guideline to help you launch your product.

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Creating the optimal Adobe Illustrator workspace

Today I wanted to share a few tips on how to organize your Adobe Illustrator workspace. Since sharing my Illustrator + graphic design process in the Share-worthy Design course, I’ve put together systems that streamline my workflow.

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Setting up Squarespace Ecommerce

Rachel will be teaching us how to utilize the ever popular platform, Squarespace, to create an ecommerce shop. Squarespace is such a powerful platform, and is what I highly recommend to my clients for that reason.

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How to add value to your business through design

Design skills aren’t reserved for only those who have a graphic design degree, but I truly believe that everyone is creative, and has the capability to learn the tools on their own. Here are a few ways you can add value to your business, through design.

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New in the portfolio! Scrappy U

The minute I heard Regina’s passionate vision for Scrappy U, I was on board and excited to see her vision come to life. To say this project was a dream for me, is one huge understatement!

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How to get noticed online

Getting noticed online is crucial for every modern small business. Though each business or blog has its unique audience, and therefore marketing strategy, everyone should focus on a few key elements in order to start getting noticed online.

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Quick tips for Adobe Illustrator (+ a PDF of my favorite shortcuts!)

Since Adobe Illustrator is essential for my process, I thought it was time a few of my favorite tools took the stage today. I hope you find these Illustrator hacks useful, and hopefully learn something new!

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