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How many clients should you work with at a time?

As your design studio starts building traction and your client list increases, you might be asking yourself: “How many clients should I take on at a time?” I’m answering how many clients we enjoy working with at a time, and why.

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Resource Roundup

Today I thought I would share just a few of my favorite apps that I use for my business.

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DIY Brownie Holiday Mix

There are only two more days until Christmas (?!?). Which means that there isn’t a lot of time for a DIY project before Christmas, but just in case you are feeling especially crafty, I have a DIY project for you!

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Noteworthy Podcasts 01

Since working from home, I have come to love listening to podcasts. I always come away inspired, and with little insights into other people’s creative process. Here are a few that I have enjoyed. 

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Hand Lettering Process

This week I thought I would share a tip that has helped me a lot on taking my hand lettering sketches to the computer, without losing that handmade quality.

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Printer Estimate Request Template

Through my experience as a print designer, I have created a simple request template that can be modified for any project. This request form is valuable to the print vendor, and is great to incorporate in your process.

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Creating a Dynamic Color Palette

Color plays such an integral part of graphic design — whether through branding, web design or illustrations.

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