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Quicktip: How to create logo files quickly

Spruce Rd. | Quicktip: How to quickly create logo files

Spruce Rd. | Quicktip: How to quickly create logo files

Once a branding project is finished, I am always excited to see the finished product after rounds of revisions and sketches! However – I always dread the production work to create all of the file types and versions. Between the color variations (one-color, two-color, black, white… CMYK, web and Pantone) and the various versions of the logo (horizontal, stacked, icon, tagline, etc) it can become quite a tedious task to create all of the versions!

Fear no more! Maybe you guys already know this trick, but this tip has sped up my workflow quite a bit when preparing final logo files. If you create one illustrator file with all of the versions, and then name your artboards you will save time! I’m all about efficiency.

Spruce Rd. | Quicktip: How to quickly create logo files

Spruce Rd. | Quicktip: How to quickly create logo files

How to name your artboards:

01.Open Illustrator Create an illustrator file with all versions of the logo that you need to save (include all color variations, stacked/horizontal, icons etc.).

02. Put each logo on its own artboard

03. Go to your artboard panel (mine is in the same menu by the layers)

04. Rename Artboards Double click that artboard names, and rename each artboard with how you would like the file name to be saved. Just include the last part of the file name. For example: If I were creating a logo for SpruceRd, I would save each filename as “SpruceRd_Horizontal_1color.eps” or “SpruceRd_Stacked_1color.eps”. For the artboard just save each variation without “SpruceRd_“. For this example one artboard would be labeled “Horizontal_1color” and another “Stacked_1color”.

05. Save Files When you have your file set up, simply save as the file type you would like (eps, png, jpeg, etc). When saving, type in the name of the brand (“SpruceRd” for our example). Select which artboards you would like to save, or simply click “all”. Illustrator will automatically save each file with “SpruceRd_” followed by the name of each artboard you created.

06. Save in all formats you need

Pretty simple! Hope this saves you time like it has for me!


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  1. Julie Wylie

    I definitely didn’t know this trick, thank you!

  2. Erica J

    Hey! This is a fantastic tip! I had no idea you could each artboard and save separately.
    Also, it was great meeting you at the AIGA event. Hope to see you at the next one and chat more about design & blogging.

    1. Jamie

      Glad you find it useful!! I just discovered it myself and it has saved loads of time! Great meeting you too… I am referencing your quilt blog post when I work on my first quilt this weekend! So time consuming!

      1. Erica J

        Cool! Good luck on the quilt! Let me know if you need any additional tips. And I’d love to see the final product!

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