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New in the portfolio! Scrappy U

Hey friends! It has been a while since I’ve shared the fun branding design projects I have been so fortunate to work on! I’ve been (secretly) keeping this one under wraps, until the brand went live. Regina, the “sidekick for infopreneurs” of, approached me to tackle a fresh brand identity for her upcoming online university. The minute I heard her passionate vision for Scrappy U, I was on board and excited to see her vision come to life.
To say this project was a dream for me, is one huge understatement! I’ve began shifting my design studio quite a bit lately (more details to come soon!), and part of that shift has been to work with infopreneurs + bloggers. I have such a heart for brands such as Regina’s, and love partnering with them since they give so much back to their community. Not to mention, designing Mailchimp templates, blog graphics and digital worksheet PDFs are among my favs :). The Scrappy U project fit in so nicely with my ideal client, project + aesthetic. Also, fun side note, I used to design for a university for a few years, so I’ve got the whole “education” experience, but was excited to put a modern spin on it!

Regina went with the “social entrepreneur” package, and we designed a fresh brand identity including a custom illustrated pattern, and 3 collateral pieces: Mailchimp template, branded PDF worksheet, and social media profile/banner images. With this new package, she also received the PSD and InDesign files so she could maintain her brand in the future.

About the Scrappy U brand identity:

The Scrappy U brand identity appeals to the modern online-learner through a fun, bold and professional look. What results is a fresh approach to academia branding, through the modern collegiate “badge” insignia, paired with a contemporary block sans serif typeface. The look establishes a friendly brand presence evoking collegiate pride, without feeling stuffy. Overall, the identity reflects the humanistic, relatable and fun approach that is essential to the Scrappy U brand.

Here is the final brand reveal! You can also check out the Scrappy U sales page design, to check out the design in action. I designed the one-page site in Illustrator, then transitioned it really smoothly to web through OptimizePress! (I’m thinking about sharing my process on using OptimizePress, would you be interested?) While there, go ahead and sign up for Regina’s course, because it seriously looks ah-mazing!! And coming from her, you know it is pure gold :).

Scrappy U | Brand identity by Spruce Rd. for online e-course platform. #logo #branding #university

Scrappy U | Brand identity by Spruce Rd. for online e-course platform. #logo #branding #university

#GoIndependent Interview!

While working with Regina on her fresh brand identity for Scrappy U, I was so honored she asked me to be a part of her awesome #GoIndependent interview series! Regina travelled around the U.S. to interview fellow creatives on their take on freelancing. Luckily, I only live about an hour from Regina, so I was able to meet her and have such a fun chat about business. I’ve loved each of the interviews so far, and was thrilled to see mine posted this week! Feel free to check it out… but don’t mind the awkwardness :)!




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  1. Elaine Chan

    Jamie, you are killin’ it with your designs!!!

    1. Jamie

      Ah thanks so much Elaine!! <3

  2. Regina

    Jamie, working with you was EVERYTHING. Thank you for this beautiful brand identity for our online school, and thank you for being epic.
    To anyone considering working with Jamie:

    Jamie is amazing at what she does. She draws out the heart of what you’re trying to accomplish and translates it to stunning, powerful visuals. Jamie is so very easy to work with, so very prompt, and so very my favorite identity designer to hire for information businesses and products.

    1. Jamie

      Regina!! The love is mutual my friend! So fortunate to work with passionate, inspiring and genuine people like you! This testimonial brought tears to my eyes, and is SO encouraging. Thanks for… uh… EVERYTHING that you do. Seriously such an inspiration + support to us all 🙂

  3. Amanda

    Ah, I like how this looks so school like, but still funky you know? I don’t know about the green – I’m not a big green person – but I love the little icons, the background style with the school supplies, it looks so good. Great design Jamie, you should be pleased, and I’m sure Regina is too! 🙂

    1. Jamie

      Thanks Amanda! It was such a fun project to work on, and I love illustrating those icons!

  4. Monica Galvan

    Loved seeing your video interview with Regina! And Scrappy U looks amazing, Jamie! 🙂

  5. Mel

    Jamie, I’m such a fan! LOVE the look you gave Regina’s course. Wow….andI’d TOTALLY be interested in an Optimize Press article! I’ve been thinking about purchasing it myself and would love to know how you found it.

    1. Jamie

      Hey Mel! Aw thanks so much! I highly recommend OptimizePress, especially if you offer web services! I will put it in the books for an upcoming workshop. I think that would be best, so I can share my screen and really give a feel for how to use the program!

  6. Liza

    I love it! So classy yet fun. I’d be interested in the OptimizePress article as well. 🙂

    1. Jamie

      Thanks so much Liza! I’m excited to share on how OptimizePress works for me!

  7. Briana

    Looks great! I love seeing what you’re working on. I would like to hear more about OptimizePress and how you use it. Keep up the fantastic work!

    1. Jamie

      Thanks Briana! This was definitely a fun one 🙂 I’ll brainstorm ways to teach on OP!

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