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Noteworthy Podcasts | Spruce Rd.

Noteworthy Podcasts | Spruce Rd.

Happy Wednesday! Since working from home, I have come to love listening to podcasts. I always come away inspired, and with little insights into other peoples creative process. Here are a few that I have enjoyed. Let me know if you have any you are into these days!

Creative Mornings // Jessica Hische

No introduction needed for Jessica Hische! She is awesome, and is always entertaining. I recently heard her talk at Circles Conference, and she did not disappoint! Listen to the talk.

Creative Mornings // Jason Fried

Jason is the creator of Basecamp project management. He shares his unique perspective on business, and gives some behind the scenes on his successful company. Listen to the talk.


Just go ahead and sign up for Sean’s newsletter to receive this guy’s nuggets of wisdom. Sean & Ben discuss the business of being a creative entrepreneur, and the importance of having a vision & intent with your endeavors. With over 100 episodes, I don’t have just one to recommend! Listen to the talk.

Ted Talks // Adam Baker

This Ted talk is not design related, but focuses on living a simple life and finding your freedom. It touches on paying off your dept, selling your stuff and living a life you love. Listen to the talk.

Headphone Icon: Tim Boelaars of Noun Project
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  1. Angel Y.

    I have a whole load of podcasts that I love and I posted a few on my blog before. If you love Creative Mornings talks, I would recommend Anna Bond’s. She talks about her journey with Rifle Paper and how it blew up overnight and what mistakes she and her husband made. I absolutely loved it! Great post and I’m adoring your blog!

    1. Jamie

      Thanks Angel!! YES I love the Anna Bond talk – always love a sneak peak into the process of entrepreneurs and how they got their start. Loving your blog as well 🙂

  2. Erica J

    Erin recently got to put the podcast on hold for a season because of sponsorship changes but her podcast Below the Fold is wonderful for women entrepreneurs. And there’s a couple with Kathleen Shannon from and

    1. Jamie

      Thanks Erica! I will have to give those a try!

  3. Kercia

    Yay! I haven’t listened to any of these – can’t wait to listen to them! I love the Lively Show podcast, check it out! She covers a bunch of topics, but each episode is awesome!

    1. Jamie

      Ohhh I forgot about the lively show!! Thanks for the suggestion! Always on the hunt for something new.

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