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How many clients should you work with at a time?

As your design studio starts building traction and your client list increases, you might be asking yourself: “How many clients should I take on at a time?” I’m answering how many clients we enjoy working with at a time, and why.

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You’re hearing crickets… now what?

Does it feel like no matter what you do, your website still won’t bring in enough client leads? Today we’re kicking off our “project inquiry” series with resolving this exact need in your business — attracting more inquiries.

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Managing project inquiries: from crickets to inbox overwhelm

There are a lot of tactics, strategies, and factors that go into attracting clients, but in this series, I wanted to focus on how to respond in various seasons of your business.

We all go through them — zero inquiries, too many good inquiries, and too many “not the right fit” inquiries.

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Designer Tools Workshop Series

Let’s dive into the tools we use as designers. I’m opening the doors to share the stage with my fellow designers to share their process and allow you to snoop behind the screen :).

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3 uncommon tweaks to my client presentations

You’ve done the 100’s of thumbnail sketches, and landed on the perfect design for your client. As you’re about to press send with the first proof, you say a little prayer that the client likes it, all the while a little fearful voice in the back of your head says “hope they like it!”

I’m sharing 3 uncommon tweaks we’ve made to our client presentations that squash this fear and allow us to present with confidence.

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Best and worst of 2018

Diving in to how things shook down in 2018 — what went well, what I didn’t enjoy, and what I’m looking forward to in 2019!

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30 gift ideas for designers

30 gift ideas for graphic designers — from the nerdy products that run our business, to creative inspiration.

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9 questions to find the perfect proposal software for you.

Ever gone down the research rabbit hole trying to decide which client onboarding software you should use? Thought so :). I’ve created a simply 9-question quiz to help you discover which software is perfect for your business. Enjoy!

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Bonsai review (client on-boarding software)

The final invoicing platform I’m reviewing in our series! Take a look through screenshots, what I think Bonsai does best, and where I’d like to see improvement.

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17Hats review (client on-boarding software)

My honest review of 17hats — the quote, contract and invoicing software that I’ve used for my business for nearly 4 years. Take a look through screenshots, what I think 17hats does best, and where I’d like to see improvement.

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