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Printer Estimate Request Template

Printer Estimate Request Template

Printer Estimate Request Template

When planning a printed project for a client, it can be a bit overwhelming (and fun!) with the various possibilities. Through my experience as a print designer, I have created a simple request template that can be modified for any project. This request form is valuable to the print vendor, and is great to incorporate in your process. I have also found that these forms are valuable if a client needs a project reprinted, you can always reference your original request to check on the paper, ink, etc used.

Also – don’t be afraid to ask for suggestions from your printer! If you have a specific paper in mind, but also want to keep cost down or a quick turn around, it is great to get a recommendation from your printer of what they have in stock. A quality printer will understand your goals of the project, and provide feedback to ensure your project prints as you desire. Enjoy!

Download the template (zip file with InDesign, .idml & PDF)


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