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Spruce Rd. Branding

Spruce Rd. Business Card Design #businesscard #squarebusinesscard #square #freelance #lettering #graphicdesign #design

Spruce Rd. Business Card Design #businesscard #squarebusinesscard #square #freelance #lettering #graphicdesign #design

Since launching my design studio earlier this year, I have been slowly working through defining my personal brand for Spruce Rd. It can be so challenging when designing for yourself, but it is necessary in order to maintain consistency across all platforms; web, print + my blog. So, I decided to put my client branding process to work, and create a brand style guide for Spruce Rd.!

Here is a bit about the process:

I must have pinned several inspiring designs to my secret “Spruce Rd. Branding” board! I really had a tough go at defining what aesthetic Spruce Rd. would evoke, while remaining somewhat neutral to allow my portfolio to shine. I ended up creating a monoline lettered logo, which showcases custom lettering, as well as isn’t too overwhelming when paired next to my portfolio. Overall, I am drawn to a feminine + delicate design aesthetic (though I love designing in other styles as well!), which transitions us to the color palette. I cannot get enough of coral these days! Coral + mint + blush… there is something so satisfying about the muted colors paired next to the saturated coral.

For the typefaces, I really just wanted an excuse to purchase


by H&Co. The type designers mention Sentinel is for “everyone who’s ever wished Clarendons had italics,” and I agree. Sentinel is delicate, yet a sophisticated and friendly serif. I feel like these fonts have personalities :). I paired Sentinel with Brandon Grotesque Black for a bit of contrast, and a modern element.

I am still building upon the graphic elements used throughout Spruce Rd. branding, but right now I incorporate a feminine botanical duotone pattern, when I need another layer of depth to a layout. I designed this botanical print with the concept of “Spruce”, referring to growth and a sense of freshness. I hope to help people “Spruce” up their branding, and start off fresh and on the right foot.

The final brand guideline:

Branding Design | Spruce Rd. #branding #design #logo #lettering #graphicdesign #freelance

Branding Design | Spruce Rd. #branding #design #logo #lettering #graphicdesign #freelance


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  1. Emily

    I ADORE your brand, Jamie! It is absolutely beautiful & even more, you have a wonderful thought process around it all (it’s more than just a pretty face :)).
    That Sentinel with Brandon…mmm, obsessed!

    1. Jamie

      Thanks Emily!!! Isn’t branding so much better with a thoughtful concept? I love that aspect of it! And yes… can’t get enough of Sentinel + Brandon! I have to refrain from pushing Sentinel on all clients 🙂

  2. Shaina Longstreet

    I adore this post! So terrific to see others’ processes. Your site is so fantastic. I can’t wait to dig in deeper.

    1. Jamie

      Thanks so much Shaina! Eagerly waiting for your site to launch!

  3. Morgan Rapp

    Your site and branding turned out to beautiful! Congrats!!! Excited to follow your work. 😉

    1. Jamie

      Thanks so much Morgan! That means a lot coming from you – I have been following y’alls work for a while now :)!

  4. Kercia

    Can’t stop, won’t stop commenting! 🙂 But really, I love everything about your brand- the colors, the concept, the aesthetics- are just so drool worthy!

    1. Jamie

      Haha! You are hilarious! Thanks so much, it was so fun to work on my personal branding!

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