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Too Inspired…

Too Inspired. Can't Sleep. | Spruce rd.

Too Inspired. Can’t Sleep. | Spruce rd.

I can’t tell you how many times I have said this phrase to my husband “too inspired. can’t sleep.”! I have learned to unplug myself from the internet (i.e. Pinterest) a bit before bed, otherwise I will stay up thinking about design, decorating, you name it! This may sound super nerdy, but I bet some of you out there struggle with this as well! I remember when I was younger I would lay awake sketching and envisioning my dream home, or redecorating my bedroom in my head into some tacky theme (Hawaiian, beach, retro signage…). I am glad that I haven’t lost this inspiration yet! In a career where our passion is our job, it is awesome that we are constantly inspired.


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  1. Kercia

    Haha! This so happened to me last night! I knew I had to get to bed but I was just too inspired to quit. And you’re right – it’s all about the passion! 🙂

    1. Jamie

      Ok glad it isn’t just me!!! Agreed – it is awesome that our career is something we can be inspired by at all times 🙂

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