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Everything you need to set up & sell your own Design Days — for just $299.

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A client stepped into my inbox with a total dream project.

The problem? This project was outside of my signature service (brand identity design), so it required a custom proposal.

Which meant…

  • Overthinking — Literal days were spent mulling over how I should price the project. I even talked it over with my non-designer husband to get his input.
  • I doubted myself — Did I price it too high? Too low to where I wouldn’t get paid enough myself?
  • Long timeline — I estimated a 4-week turnaround for the project.
  • Complex proposal — I accounted for specific deliverables, a finite amount of revisions, timeline and more to protect myself. All within a custom proposal document.
  • Out of scope issues — What would happen if the client requested a deliverable or revision outside of the original terms? Back to the start with a new custom proposal…

^This is a true story. Except it wasn’t only one time, it was countless times.

I loved working with clients and creating beautiful brands. But my business felt exhausting — because I was spending most of my time replying to emails, creating complex proposals, and managing custom project logistics.

What does your dream design business look like?

Proposal-Based Projects

(1 month)
  • Client reaches out for a custom project
  • Overthink pricing and packaging this custom proposal
  • Send proposal 2 days later
  • Cross fingers hoping you didn’t sell yourself short
  • Project timeline of 4 weeks
  • Fatigue from long timeline and communication sets in
  • Start all over again with the next inquiry

Design Days

(6 hours)
  • Client reaches out for a custom project
  • Instantly send your Design Day invoice & calendar
  • Client books a design day
  • Complete the design in 6 hours
  • Client celebrates the easy process
  • Rinse and repeat as needed!

Here’s what the Design Day Training will help you finish in 2.5 hours

  1. Set-up your Design Day proposal template (or use ours)
  2. Create your Design Day schedule (copy/paste our timeline)
  3. Set up your retainer Design Day offerings (use our pricing if you want!)
  4. Promote your Design Day service to new or past clients
  5. Learn how we handle native files with clients, and what to do if you don’t finish at the end of the day
  6. Get confidence in estimating the number of Design Days needed for bigger projects you can’t finish in a single day
  7. Be 100% ready to sell your first Design Day and start bringing in simple & fun client projects

How London replaced exhausting “forever” projects with a single day service.

Over 75% of my studio income in the past year has come from Design Days. It’s not an understatement to say that they have changed my life. My clients absolutely LOVE how easy our days together are!

Before learning about them from Jamie, I had projects that would drag on *forever*. I felt totally deflated. Now I get my client’s input and approval throughout the day, and our timelines are super short – usually just a day (or a few for a larger project)!

Honestly, I’ve purchased other “VIP Day” resources from other designers, and they make it feel like a “get-rich-quick scheme” – like they’re taking advantage of their clients, and the only goal is to make as much money as possible. That’s not the case with Jamie – she’s figured out a simple and easy way to serve clients. My clients feel like I’m taking care of them, rather than just trying to squeeze every dollar out of them.

I also love the “schedule” breakdowns — I use them almost every day in my business.

I feel like I have such a healthy work/life balance because of what Jamie taught me about Design Days. I so enjoy serving my clients now, and am always thrilled when they book day after day because they LOVE it!”

London Rodriguez

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this Design Day method work for all types of designers — or just brand designers?

Design Days are perfect for any graphic designer — whether you design print, digital or web. Use Design Days for small one-off projects, ongoing client work, retainers, or large projects. Clients can book as low as one half-day or multiple full-days to accommodate their project-specific needs.

We’ve had designers use Design Days to sell & deliver:

  • PDF layouts
  • Packaging designs
  • Social media designs
  • Web design edits
  • Sales page creation
  • Edits to previous designs
  • Additional revisions outside of packaged service
  • Email template design
  • Book layouts
  • Promotions for launches, events, courses and more
I’m worried my clients won’t like the idea of a Design Day. Thoughts?

Clients LOVE this service! It’s truly a win/win for designers and your clients. Here is what our weekly Design Day client of 4 years has to say about this service:

“One of my favorite things Jamie offers are Design Days. If you’ve ever waited (and waited) for design work to be done, and felt like you didn’t know when the designs or project would be delivered, this is a service you will LOVE. I have booked more Design Days than I can count because I see the value in getting projects completed quickly and efficiently and WELL. The process is seamless. By the end of the day I have completed files ready and I can move on with my projects. The Design Days have taken my business to the next level – I am not waiting on projects and I am free to be creative and come up with ideas while Spruce Rd. perfectly executes my vision.

I have never experienced the high level of service and professionalism in the design space that I receive with Spruce Rd. They are a delight to work with and intuitive about my business and brand. Don’t wait a minute to book a Design Day — they have been a game changer for my business.” – Becky, Clean Mama

Can I offer Design Days to existing clients? Or just to new clients?

Both! While the bulk of our Design Days are with existing clients, we’ve also booked Design Days with new clients.

  • New client Design Days: Ideal for design projects that fall outside of your signature service. A great way to help clients, while also testing the waters with a single day service, rather than committing to a multiple-month design relationship.
  • Existing client Design Days: Our favorite because they are so easy and enjoyable. Minimal marketing is required. The client trust factor is already established with both the client and the designer. You’ve already vetted these clients and know you can rely on clear communication and timeliness. They are an exciting way to continue your original design work through ongoing collateral. Existing client Design Days often lead to multiple days booked, or retainer relationships! Easy, profitable and predictable :).
Will this be helpful for me if I'm a newer designer?

Design Days are a great way to build your design skills and client relationships. You can start in your design comfort zone, and layer on new skills as you grow in confidence. Design Days are a much lighter process than multiple month-long design projects — perfect if you are a new designer or studio owner! They are simpler to pitch to new clients, and ideal for repeat clients if you don’t have a huge established audience. I wish I had this when I was starting out so I could have skipped the headaches of custom projects!

How does this Design Day product work? Do I get instant access when I sign up?

Yes! Everything is available immediately to help you get started right away. You get access to the 2.5 hour training that helps you set-up and launch your own Design Day service. Plus, you’ll get our Design Day proposal copy, our exact pricing, timeline and client kick-off message to help you get set up right away.

I’ve taken a training on VIP Day services. Is this different?

There are great VIP Day trainings available. And if you already have VIP days running smoothly in your business… then you might be all set!

What’s unique about Design Days is that it’s specific to designers. From client onboarding materials to handling native files, to estimating the # of days needed for bigger projects… I cover everything about one-day services that are unique to designers.

From what I’ve seen, I have a different approach to Design Days than traditional VIP days. My approach to Design Days is very sustainable, light, and not intense. And yet, very profitable and enjoyable for designers and clients.

On top of that, I show you my unconventional process for turning one-day clients into repeat Design Day clients. It’s my favorite way to create recurring, predictable, stable design revenue…while working long-term with dream clients in a really lightweight way!

​​My goal is to make $10k per month with my design studio. Will Design Days help me do that?

Absolutely! The best part? You could hit that goal with only 5–10 days of work per month. Many of the designers I’ve trained have switched fully to Design Days because they are so profitable with minimal work.

Within days of joining Design Days, here’s what Emily messaged me:

“I got so much value from this training, and loved the retainer part! I just booked a $15k contract, which I would have never had the guts to quote before.”

And 2 weeks later she followed up:

“My $15k client is off to the races and I’m loving it!! And guess what?? I booked a second one this week at $14k!”

I do really custom work that often requires a lot of edits. I love the idea of Design Days… but do you think they'd work for me?

I’m a firm believer in not rushing the creative process. This is why I share case studies of client Design Days our studio has finished, and how many days it took. Sometimes one-half Design Day is sufficient, while other projects require 4 full Design Days. The beauty of Design Days is that you’ll likely get paid more for the really custom work you are creating, rather than selling yourself short through traditional proposal-based projects. I cover how to estimate how many days a project will take, what to do if you don’t finish, and preparing your client for the process.

I don't want to sit at my computer all day, will this work for me?

YES. I love Design Days because they’re so flexible! You don’t have to sit at the computer all day. You get to determine your schedule — I often take hour-long breaks, a long lunch, or breaks around my kids’ schedules.

Remember: You can create a timeline and workflow that gives you the spaciousness you need, while also meeting your client’s design needs.

Also, if you want an extra flexible model, you can book half-days. That’s how our studio typically operates so we can have flexibility with our kids at home (appointments, school commitments, etc.). Inside the training, I share behind the scenes of our half-day process as well!

Is this the same Design Day training within Spruce Your Studio?

Yes. If you already have access to Spruce Your Studio, I would not recommend enrolling in Design Days as you already have the training. Spruce Your Studio has an A to Z approach to running a friction-free design studio, while Design Days is specific to offering repeat, retainer and single day projects.

What is your refund policy?

If you join and feel like it’s not a good fit for you, there is a straightforward 14-day 100% money-back guarantee. Email us at No questions asked, no hoops to jump through.