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After over a decade of designing client brands, I uncovered something in my design process that was unexpected.

Here’s what I realized…

I spend most of my design time selecting fonts.

Design school didn’t prepare me for this!

Though I love swooning over type, I don’t love spending hours scrolling through hundreds of not-quite-right fonts on Pinterest, design forums, and foundries.

That’s why I created Type Swipes.

With Type Swipes, I’ve taken care of the tedious font research for you — so you can spend more time playing with colors, sketching out logos, and finalizing client projects in Adobe Illustrator!

This limited-edition Type Swipes collection includes 10 ready-to-use font pairings in a “classic” style.

They’re perfect for brands that are refined, elegant, sophisticated-without-being-stuffy…and they’re perfect for designers who want to spend less time on font research & more time on the fun side of design,

Each Type Swipe provides:

  • Logotype font recommendation
  • 2 complimentary font recommendations
  • Typography layout template

Ease the overwhelm of selecting typefaces, and use our Type Swipe templates to kickstart your next design project.

Get instant access

Save time

Font research is done for you! Swipe the type for your next design project.

Designer approved

Each typeface is top-quality and vetted by a pro and seasoned designer.

Client brands

Swipe the Type for your next client presentation, collateral, website or brand.

Unique pairings

I’ve combined unique logos and fonts, sans the overused designer faves.

Not just font pairings

Type Swipes goes beyond a list of font pairings and shares logo typefaces and ready-to-use typography templates.

Ultra flexible

Swipe the type, whether you’re building a website, stationery or a full brand identity.

Versatile Layouts

See how one single Type Swipe can be used for multiple media projects.

Swipe for more
Spruce Rd. Spruce Rd. Spruce Rd. Spruce Rd. Spruce Rd.


What is included with each Type Swipe?

Each of the ten Type Swipes includes: 

  • Logotype font recommendation
  • 2 complimentary font recommendations
  • Typography layout template
  • .ai and .pdf files provided
Are fonts or photos included?

Fonts and photos are not included. Many of the fonts we recommend in the Type Swipes are free, included within Adobe Fonts subscription, and affordable options. Photo backgrounds are shown as an example, solid color backgrounds are provided in the Type Swipe files. You can easily add custom or stock photos to the Type Swipes.

Will this save time on client projects?

YES! Rather than spending hours researching fonts, you can use the Type Swipe templates. Fonts for your client’s logo and supporting type pairing are ready for you to swipe and use for your next client project.

Easily customize each Type Swipe (or mix and match) for client projects. 

For example: Use the Type Swipe fonts for your client’s logotype + coordinating fonts. You can use the typography layout from the Type Swipe for your client’s social media post, website, packaging, etc.

You cannot resell the templates or pass on native files (illustrator or PDF), but are free to customize the end product for your clients (jpegs, pngs, PDFs, etc.).

Can I use the Type Swipes in client or template websites?

Yes! Feel free to use the Type Swipes in websites you design — whether for a single client, or a website template you sell. Type Swipes are a great foundation for web projects, and will save you a ton of time by eliminating endless hours of font research.

Are these pre-made brands?

No. Pre-made brands contain logo + submark files, whereas Type Swipes do not. We provide typography-based design templates that go beyond the logo, and into brand application. Logo font recommendations are included as an option to base the logo design around to complement the Type Swipe. Overall, Type Swipes are more adaptable and versatile for various uses including stationery, social media, ads, editorial, packaging, design presentations, etc.

If I use this for client work, will it look like other brands from designers who use Type Swipes?

You’ll easily be able to create fresh & original work — with color changes, photography, textures, logo customizations, illustrations, patterns, submarks, and more.  While you certainly can use the Type Swipes as is, most designers use the Type Swipes as a base to build upon and customize for your client presentations and projects. 

We’ve also limited the number of downloads to 100 copies so that countless brands aren’t referencing the same Type Swipes you are.