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Zero-Revision Method

Break the endless revision cycle

Get consistent zero revisions with your graphic design clients.

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Here’s what the Zero-Revision Method will help you finish in less than 2.5 hours:


Prep your clients for Zero Revisions from the start with our simple consultation call outline


Make a few psychology-based tweaks to your workflow to create a friction-free client experience


Get crucial client personality insights & stay out of “problem client territory” by adding two simple questions to your discovery phase


Steal our proven process for presenting one design (instead of multiple proofs or options)


Follow our word-for-word presentation script to get instant “yes’s” on your designs — even from your most particular clients


Learn how to handle sticky client situations & questions, so you can easily avoid time-consuming feedback loops for good

Plus you’ll have our easy-to-edit design templates we use for all of our clients with the “complete” option.

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The foundation of the Zero-Revision Method is my single-design presentation strategy. I’ll show you exactly how I frame & present one single design to clients — that gets them excited, fully onboard, and saying “yes, that’s perfect.”

Over the years I’ve delivered these simple presentations to countless happy clients. No feedback, no friction.

Here’s the good news for you: I’ve packaged up the assets from these presentations into a special bonus folder. It includes mock-up photos, brand presentation copy, and even a discovery phase template to help you save time.

It’s optional — I cover all of these steps inside the core training.

But if you want to save time, hit the ground running, and snag the proven assets I’ve created over years of using the Zero-Revision Method…grab the complete version to get these time saving templates!

the essentials


  • All 7 video trainings
  • Client presentation examples
  • Discovery phase template
  • 20 mockup photos for presentations
  • Brand presentation copy template
  • Get everything you need to get
    Zero-Revisions with your clients

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best value!


  • All 7 video trainings
  • Client presentation examples
  • Discovery phase template
  • 20 mockup photos for presentations
  • Brand presentation copy template
  • Get everything you need to get Zero-Revisions
    with your clients, plus my time-saving templates!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Zero-Revision Method work for all types of designers — or just brand designers?

The Zero-Revision Method is perfect for any graphic designer — whether you design brands, print, digital or web. If you’re a designer looking to eliminate client revisions, this method will work for you.

I’m worried my clients won’t like the idea of presenting one design, rather than multiple options. Thoughts?

Clients LOVE this approach! It’s truly a win/win for designers and your clients. Rather than presenting 3+ incomplete design options, you’ll present 1 holistic design solution. After following our presentation strategy + template, you’ll have clients approving with zero revisions in no time! You’ll have the presentation script + actual Spruce Rd. client examples to reference in your next project.

Here’s what Caitlin said after her first time pitching the one-design solution:
“I was terrified to try one concept. I spent the time to really dig deep and give them ONE fully fleshed out concept, rather than 2-3 concepts like I usually do. I presented my thought process, following your structure. Their feedback was “we are IN LOVE. It’s perfect!” NO CHANGES. What even!? 😯🎉😂”

I have a very collaborative process with my clients. Will this work for me?

Absolutely! Many designers collaborate with clients mostly during the design proofs by offering multiple design directions, and revising the proofs until the client approves. This often leads to multiple revisions and an endless feedback cycle. Clients typically request multiple options be combined into one direction, offer pixel-pushing client feedback, or compromise on the design so they select the option that blends in with their competition or feels most “safe.”

Instead of collaborating during the proof stage of design, we collaborate with clients mostly during the Discovery Phase. Our Discovery Phase is different than most designers’ process. Using our Zero-Revision Method, you’ll get early buy-in from your client during a collaborative Discovery Phase, leading to instant approvals during the design phase.

The best part? Our Discovery Phase couldn’t be simpler. It’s a 3-page doc with a very strategic approach that helps pull client insights out from the get-go.

Is this the same Zero-Revision Method training within Spruce Your Studio?

Yes. If you already have access to Spruce Your Studio, I would not recommend enrolling in the Zero-Revision Method as you already have the training. Spruce Your Studio has an A to Z approach to running a friction-free design studio including repeat services, while the Zero-Revision Method is specific to eliminating revisions with clients.

What is your refund policy?

If you join and feel like it’s not a good fit for you, there is a straightforward 14-day 100% money-back guarantee. Email us at No questions asked, no hoops to jump through.