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Illustrating icons tutorial

A couple weeks ago, I announced that I was starting a new Lunch + Learn series on the blog. Since then, I have been blown away by the desire that you guys have shared to get involved in the series! Seriously… thank you to everyone that filled out the survey, commented on the blog, Twitter or Instagram! I am so grateful to each of you, and truly blown away by the support!

In these past couple of weeks I have been a bit silent about the series, as I have been giving some serious thought to how I want to structure the Lunch + Learn, as well as how it could benefit you guys! So without further ado, here are a few details about the series, as well as the purpose:

Lunch + Learn

The monthly Lunch + Learn series brings together fellow creatives for an intimate discussion of design tips, interviews with creatives, as well as other resources to add to your skill set. The goal of the series is to provide support for one another, and to be open about the tips that we have learned along the way! I hope that you guys find the series useful, and look forward to joining in on the discussion.

The series will be hosted in a Google Hangout, allowing for a live Q&A throughout the session.

Behind the Scenes: Illustrating Icons

In this workshop, I show you a few tips I have discovered for crafting beautifully simple illustrations in Adobe Illustrator, that are great to use for blog posts, infographics or presentations. Enjoy!


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  1. Aisyah amiru * crush mocca

    Hi Jamie! I’d searched “Illustrator tutorial”on Pinterest and came through your blog. I was like, OMG! So eye-gasm. I love all your posts, graphic and you are so nice and kind to shared this behind the ‘secret’ of what designers did. I’m a design enthusiast and learning graphic design now. I found this Lunch + Learn very helpful and it’s too late for join the webinar. I came to your Google+ but didn’t find any video of it. Please help me, thank you so much 🙂

  2. Jessica

    I just signed up for your newsletter because I am loving ALL of your posts! I wish I didn’t have class during your Lunch + Learn, but I will definitely be watching the recording! Thank you for being so awesome!

    1. Jamie

      Hi Jessica! I just found this comment WAY late – sorry! Thanks for subscribing! I hope you enjoyed the lunch + learn, and can hopefully make it live to the next one!

  3. 10 Common Blog Design Mistakes - Spruce Rd.Spruce Rd.

    […] icons for your blog, you can join me tomorrow, Thursday, May 7th, at noon CST for a free Lunch + Learn webinar! Simply sign up for the newsletter below to receive a reminder tonight + register for the […]

  4. Morgan Rapp

    Love this idea! Adding it to my calendar. 😉

    1. Jamie

      So glad you will make it, Morgan! See ya there 🙂

  5. PhYllis

    Oh man, I’m SO bummed I won’t be able to make these Lunch & Learns, at least not in the near future 🙁 — Thursdays are usually one of my days off, so it’s extra full with family commitments. But I’m looking forward to catching the replays after. And hopefully I’ll be able to hop on one of these days!

    1. Jamie

      So bummed you can’t make it to lunch+learn, but totally understand spending time with family! I will make sure to send a video in my newsletter, so you can catch up!

  6. Ngaio Parr

    This is fabulous! Living in Sydney, Australia I often miss out on these great events – so I am glad it has an online home. Congratulations!

    1. Jamie

      Great! So glad you will be able to watch :). Looking forward to it!

  7. Angel Y.

    This is such a cool idea! You’re such a great illustrator that I might need to sit in as well. I thought this was a local thing when I heard about it. So glad you’re offering it online.

    1. Jamie

      Thanks so much Angel! I hope you can make it! Even if you know how to illustrate, I always think it is helpful to see behind the scenes to how another designer works. Definitely not local – I don’t many designers in my town!

  8. Ciera

    This is so cool! Congrats Jamie!

    1. Jamie

      Thanks Ciera! I am so excited to kick it off!

  9. Kercia

    Oh my goodness, Jamie! This is awesome and I’m so proud of you! I’m hopping on that newsletter and hopefully I’ll be able figure out a way to attend during the FT job 🙂 Cheering you on, girl!

    1. Jamie

      Thanks Kercia!! I hope you can make it!

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