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Pattern Play 06

Pattern Play | Spruce Rd.

Pattern Play | Spruce Rd.

Happy Monday everyone! It has been a while since I have posted a pattern play post. I finished up Elizabeth Olwen’sSkillshare class on creating patterns. It was really helpful, and if you are interested in creating pattern repeats in illustrator, you should check it out! I tried a different illustration approach, and used vintage fruit + floral references from the BioDiv library. With all of the various elements in this pattern, it took much longer than usual! But, I am learning to take my time with these personal projects, so that I am pleased with the results.


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  1. Kara

    I love this one! Have you ever considered making these into fabrics? I can think of about 5 different ways I would use this one. 😉

    1. Jamie

      Yes! I want to put together a collection of fabrics that go together! If you ever want to make fabric out of these designs, I can send you the file to upload to Spoonflower!

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