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Recent Work: Stationery Cards

Stationery Cards | Spruce Rd.

Stationery Cards | Spruce Rd.

Happy Monday! I wanted to start off this week sharing a couple of fun stationery cards I created for a client (okay… the client is my mom!). My mom is a Realtor, and loves to send out fun cards to her client’s mailboxes. Here are just a couple I created for the New Years, and for birthdays. How thoughtful is she to send out birthday cards for her former clients? I had fun with the illustrations on both!


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  1. Kercia

    Okay! Love that your mom is your client and appreciates well designed cards! 🙂 adorable!

    1. Jamie

      Haha thanks Kercia!! I’m not ashamed, and won’t hide it :). She even orders nice metallic envelopes too. Love it!

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