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Resource List for the DIY-er

Resources for the DIY Online Entrepreneur, Spruce Rd. | Gift guide for the DIY online entrepreneur. Whether you are a blogger, designer or infopreneur, this resource roundup of a few great courses are great to add to your Christmas list!

Earlier this week, my mom asked for Christmas gift ideas, which is hard to believe that time is already here! My wish list probably looks like most of my online entrepreneur or designer friends, in that I ask for fonts, courses and any other business tool I’ve been eyeing. With that in mind, I thought I’d do a roundup of some of the courses + workshops I’ve been eyeing, in case you wanted to save up or ask for them for Christmas :).

This is a great resource list for any online entrepreneurs out there, who want to pick up new skills to take their business to the next level, or just want to learn something new for fun. Here are a few courses just for you!


The InDesign Field Guide

No secret here, I’m a huge fan (+ friend) of Kelsey behind Paper & Oats. This girl has a killer design aesthetic, and a successful printables Etsy shop. She took her knowledge of publication + digital product design, and formed a course around how to design within Adobe InDesign. I’m enrolled in this course, and though I’ve been using InDesign daily for over 5 years, I’ve picked up a few tricks myself. Stop avoiding this program and buying into the myth it is too complicated and only for designers, and instead embrace it and learn how transformational it can be for your business. Learn more

Share-worthy Design

With so many emails, comments and questions I’ve received about graphic design, I thought it was time I pull together a cohesive course all about how to create share-worthy design that gets your brand noticed. This course is for anyone looking to grow their design skills, and create their own personal brand. I share everything in-depth from typography, color palettes, illustrating icons, pattern design and composition. By the end of the course, you will be a pro with Adobe Illustrator, but can transition the skills to Canva if you don’t have an Adobe account. Registration opens again in the spring, but rumor has it there will be a flash bundle sale with Kelsey (from The InDesign Field Guide) again in January. Price should be around $399, so you have time to save up before then :). 

Adobe Illustrator Basics

Lauren is the queen of business + design blogging, and she has pulled together a course for creatives to learn her (and my) favorite design tool: Adobe Illustrator. If you are a lettering artist, stationery designer, content creator, designer or blogger, this course is for you! Adobe Illustrator isn’t just for designers, it is a powerful tool that allows you to create professional graphics. I use this program everyday, and can’t tell you how much I recommend it. Learn more

Graphic Design for Creatives: Photoshop Edition

Learn how to create stunning branded graphics in Photoshop! This course looks great for anyone looking to grow their Photoshop skills. Laura has such a great design aesthetic, I highly recommend this course for anyone who works primarily in Photoshop. This course looks like an awesome investment for the DIY designer, who needs that extra push to polish their designs. Learn more

Learn Lettering

Seanwes is a beast. His podcast has such value packed in each episode, and his lettering skills are so polished, you can’t help but wonder what transparency + value he adds to his lettering course. If you are a lettering artist, or simply want to learn the correct tools of the trade, this course is a must. Sean shares everything from lettering tools, techniques and even down to how to work with clients as a lettering artist. Learn more

Social Media:

Pinfinite Growth

How to grow your blog traffic through Pinterest. I had the joy of working with Melyssa for her new brand identity of The Nectar Collective, and I can tell you first hand this girl is so humble, encouraging and really knows her stuff. She just launched this course a few months ago, and it is already a success! Check it out if you are looking to grow your blog traffic through my favorite tool: Pinterest. From experience, Pinterest is definitely something worth investing in if you want to attract your ideal clients + readers. Learn more

Wham Bam Instagram

Learn how to create a profitable Instagram strategy. I’ve had my eyes on this course since it launched recently, and hope to take the time to invest in it soon! Caitlin is SO generous with her content, I can only imaging how impactful this course will be. Take this course if you want to learn how to up your instagram game in a way that feels authentic to your brand, that also allows you to sell to your audience. Learn more

Rock Your Facebook Ads

I only recently stumbled upon Zach Spuckler, of Heart Soul & Hustle, via Periscope, and I have already learned so much in one of his mini lessons. No kidding, I had to hit pause several times in order to take notes! I haven’t enrolled in his course yet, but it is definitely on my list for learning about the power behind Facebook Ads. I have a little experience with them, and I can say that without a doubt it is overwhelming technically + strategically. Investing in Zach’s course will be worth it, once you begin earning income from his proven strategies. Learn more

Mastering Content Upgrades

Learn how to create content upgrades, in a well designed way. I created this workshop in an effort to teach the tools behind content upgrades, so that you can easily grow your newsletter list in a well branded way. I walk you through how to design within the otherwise clunky LeadPages, as well as designing your PDF content upgrade. This strategy has changed my business, and I highly recommend it to every online entrepreneur. Rather than jumping in and creating poorly designed content upgrades, take this workshop to learn the basics and presenting your resources in their best light. Learn more


Be Free-lance

If you are interested in starting your own freelance graphic design business? The talented duo Breanna Rose + Jen Serafini team up to spill the beans on how they’ve built a successful freelance design career. Whether you are freelancing on the side of a full-time job, or have already made the leap to full-time freelance, this course will teach you the ropes. Everything from pricing, getting clients and defining your niche. Learn more

Email Coaching

Learn how to shape up your content. Erica Midkiff created a unique program to help relieve you from content paralysis, and help you communicate your ideas to your readers. I haven’t seen a program like this before, where essentially you fill out a detailed look at your business + hangups, and Erica invests her time to personally respond with thoughtful feedback. I know personally how much heart Erica has, and this personable approach completely fits with her brand. The price is well worth the investment, but is also affordable! Learn more


Get your first 1,000 subscribers and first $1,000 from your blog in 60 days or less. Mariah, from Femtrepreneur, created a course built on her experience on how to grow your email list. I took this course earlier this year, and can vouch that her techniques work! She shares SO many ways to grow your list, which I like because you can choose which ones best fit your industry + brand. I also made some pretty valuable friendships from this course, so on a sappy note, it was priceless :). Learn more

Your First E-course

Learn the logistics of setting up your first e-course, with workshop pro Caroline, behind Made Vibrant. I’ve attended a webinar from Caroline before, as well as follow her on social media, and can tell this girl has such heart for her community, and on top of that such a wealth of knowledge. This self-paced course walks you through the process of setting up + launching your first e-course. Learn more

Scrappy U

The online business school for online entrepreneurs. Regina, from byregina, has such a great reputation for creating killer content + courses to help your business take off. I had the pleasure of meeting + working with Regina on the ScrappyU branding, but that does not at all mean I am biased! Her online business school fills a hole in the market for a comprehensive school for online entrepreneurs. She teams up with her talented brother, Lem, to give the business perspective from a lawyer’s point of view. If you are ready to take your business to the next level, this course looks like it is for you! Learn more


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  1. Kathryn J

    I love this list Jamie! I took Lauren’s AI course last Spring, and I have my eye on Design Your Brand course as well 3 or 4 other courses on your list! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Erika Swafford

    These resources look awesome! I’d like to ask Santa for more time to do them all! Or maybe a way to organize my time so I can do my favorites (and a way to figure that out.)

  3. Monica Galvan

    Such a great list of courses and resources! I must admit I have a list of courses I have my eyes on too 🙂 There’s just so many good ones out there!

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