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Share-worthy Design for Freelancers is now open!

Over the years, I’ve implemented every freelance strategy, client process and pricing out there.

I’ve cold emailed “potential” clients (which has yet to yield success).
I’ve provided endless revisions based on the client’s ever-changing whims, out of fear in disappointing my client.

I’ve said yes to clients and projects that weren’t the right fit. Fumbling around to pull systems into place and the process to make it happen.

But at some point, my freelance work became something else: a frantic way of living. I was working full-time while freelancing on the side. What began as a desire to help others through my skills and passion for design, quickly transformed into overwhelm with little breathing room.

That season was like off-roading a bit. Thrown into unchartered territory with no roadmap to navigate through the overwhelm.

And so, I left these things behind.

Though the opportunities kept coming, and most in my position would have jumped to greet them, I was drawn to something different.

I yearned for the clients who trusted the value I provided. The projects that encountered minimal speed bumps. A freelance business that didn’t leave me depleted and burnt out, and instead inspired growth.

Since launching my design studio, Spruce Rd., I fought through the noise and built an intentional business. One that has since allowed me to work with the best clients (and brands!) a freelancer could ask for. Crafting a unique process that leads to minimal (if any) client revisions, projects that adhere to timelines and a freelance business that positions itself to attract ideal clients.

That’s where SWD for freelancers comes in.

My latest e-course, Share-worthy Design for Freelancers, is an invitation to learn how to craft an intentional freelance business. I’ll walk this journey with you, a path away from the frantic processes and messy clients, and toward a business that reflects the value you provide and clients you yearn for.

I’m here to help you turn your passion for design into a successful freelance business. Enroll in the Freelance course — which includes lessons on working with clients, my entire client process, protecting your business with contracts + scope and pricing your services. Once enrolled you can jump into the video lessons right away!


*Enrollment is now closed*

I’ve included various tiers depending on your stage of business, ranging from $199–$399. BUT, I’ve included a free printed book (US only) of the freelance lessons and a 3-month group mentorship for the first 15 members to join the Freelancer or Complete package.

This offer is only available for the first 15 students. Then poof! It’ll disappear.

As a designer who’s endured the burnout and stress of freelancing over the years, and has since overcome it, I can’t wait to help you do the same. Enroll in the Freelancer course and I’ll walk you through it step by step.


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