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You set the goals, now what?

There’s just something special about a new year that brings refreshed ideas and optimistic eyes. If you’re like me (hello fellow dreamer!), you’ve got #alltheideas flowing for this year in your business. Maybe your goals look something like this:

  • Finally kick-start your business (whether on the side or full-time)
  • Build a website for your brand that feels more like you
  • Launch a new product, service or course… one that you’ve been itching to create!

Whatever your BIG goals are, know that I’m here on the other side cheering you on!

I’ve got some lofty goals for Spruce Rd. this year, that I can’t wait to share more on as they evolve. But one thing I’ve learned about myself is that I sometimes get overwhelmed by all the steps that need to take place before I can reach the goal. I’m a detail-driven gal, and these minute details paralyze me from taking action at times. 

So this year I’m pretty amped to finally take action on these wild dreams. At the start of the year, I thought of no better time to set the precedence that 2017 was a year for making strides, taking action, and actually getting the thing done. They don’t have to be huge steps, but steps nonetheless.

Are ya with me? If you’re in the same boat, I wanted to share a few ways that I plan to hold myself accountable for the year.

Allow space to brainstorm

Want in on a secret? Though I’m super organized in my business, I have an unorganized mess of an Evernote — essentially my digital notebook. I’ve contemplated cleaning it up, but honestly it has become a part of my brainstorm process that thrives on unkempt + loose end ideas. I need a space where I can braindump creative business ideas without a polished appearance.

This scrappy system allows me to have a no judgement zone of brainstorming. Every now and then one idea surfaces to the top after months/years of brainstorming. A concept I can’t shake. One that excites me. An idea that needs to be published.

This quote by Josh James sums it up: “When you find an idea that you just can’t stop thinking about, that’s probably a good one to pursue.”

So, if you haven’t already, start a notebook where you can unabashedly jot down ideas for your business. Whether they are customer service ideas, products to create or services to offer, write them down. Come back to them every now and then and see if they still excite you as much as when the lightbulb first went off.


Once you’ve got your brainstorm list, pick a handful (or one) of ideas to pursue. Though you have a wealth of creative business ideas you’re itching to go after, narrow them down to your top choices.

This allows you to focus your efforts this year, and actually take action. Through targeting a minimal amount of goals, you’ll step out of the brainstorm mode and into the actionable phase. I could live in that messy Evernote all day long, but I know myself and I need to set parameters to plan and actually make steps forward. 


Inevitably once you begin to plan the steps for your 2017 goals, you’ll quickly become overwhelmed with all the steps that need to take place beforehand… or is that just me? I’ve learned that I need to schedule time to batch tasks. Batching is when you take similar tasks and complete them all at once, rather than breaking them up. The idea is that you will minimize interruptions when you batch, thus increasing productivity.

This year, batching will be a huge effort for Spruce Rd. With a baby on board this year, I know that I will need to plan in advance as much as possible. No more writing a blog post the night before (guilty here!). In order to take action on my 2017 goals, I’m implementing batching into my process.

A few ways I plan to batch tasks are: blog posts, social media, marketing for my products/courses, photography for instagram, and website upkeep.

Forget failure

Lastly, one important attribute of making things happen this year is to leave failure behind. I’m the type of creative who wants everything done perfectly. I’ve got a tight grip on admin tasks, my blog, designs and marketing. This year, I’m learning I need to let go (just a bit!) of that perfection mindset and embrace failure.

I recognize that my new offerings this year for Spruce Rd. might be a complete bust. Rather than feeling deflated by the comparison trap, or insecure about not succeeding, I’m embracing taking action as a win. Through taking steps forward, I cannot fail. I adore this quote from Orrett Davis on testing out new offerings in your business: “Don’t worry about failure; you only have to be right once.”


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